Friday, December 11, 2009

PTG Curtain

The curtain wall is understood to be a non load bearing vertical surface that usually partitions space. In the Faculty Center at Woodbury University, there is no boundary between the pedestrian traffic and the diligent working staff. This is partially due to the lack of any vertical partitions in the space. This creates a problem of distraction.

The concept is to interrogate both the curtain wall and material to achieve new attitudes towards design intent. Horizontal bands of PTG plastic are fastened together and stacked vertically to create a pliant partition. The common notion of a hard curtain wall is contested two fold; primarily due to the softness of boundaries and secondly due to interaction/operability.

“...old materials are deployed to affect in new ways the old perceptions of space, precisely because of the expectations of how the familiar materials should behave.”


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  1. Please add your drawings and renderings to this post.